Visible Expression of an Unvisible Reality

Color is applied in the paintings of Hagedorn with high con- sciousness and concentration. The colors are light, luminescent and transparent. Quite a number of his paintings one would like to hold for watercolors, so airy is their effect despite their size.
The coloring is firm and gentle the same time and reaches from a filmy tinge to respiring darknesses. Looking at the graduations one recognizes the excellent colorist...
His brushwork is as well spontanous as disciplined. He makes
a reality , whose nature is abstract und spiritual...

The paintings of the last six years show a great variety, of the colors, their nuances, the respective dynamics and organisation
of the planes. They seem to aspire to harmony, however perfect harmony is consciously avoided...

Fascination und quietness emanate from Hagedorns paintings - the visible expression of an unvisible reality.